Glue is the stuff that holds it all together and we all need glue to fix broken things from time to time. If you don't use glue alot you may be unaware that you need to use a specific type of glue, depending on the job at hand.

For example some glues are designed to work with plastic, while others would be a bad choice for this particular job. If you are working with wood than you are going to want to use a wood glue.

Glass is known to be tricky to work with and will also require a special kind of glue. Working with crafts? There is glue specifically formulated for crafing as well.

Super glue or crazy glue is a glue designed for many different purposes, sometimes known as multi-use glue. It can be handy to keep some super glue on hand and a little goes a long way.

Plastics are another material that require a special type of glue. Many plastic glues work by actually fusing the plastic together, this makes for a tight, sturdy bond.

Using our website you can quickly and easily find the glue that is right for the job you need. We also recommend particular brands of glue that perform best.

For some projects, a glue glun is the answer, because you can apply the glue quickly. Glue guns use glue that comes in stick forms, they work by heating up the glue. The glue dries very quickly, it also forms a solid bond.

So if it's currently broken don't fret, we can help you put it back together quick, fast and in a hurry. Thanks to glue. See a list of recommended glue brands here
Metal Glue
In order to glue objects to metal  or even metal to metal, you are going to need a special type of glue for the job. Metal is a nonporous surface, so it is notoriously tricky to get things to stick to it. Your best option to bond metal to metal is usually to solder both surfaces together. If you want to use a glue, you better select a good one.

Two-part epoxy is going to work best for gluing metal to metal. Gorilla Glue makes a good two-part epoxy glue that dries clear, fills gaps and even withstands moderate exposure to water.

Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue is specially designed to glue jewelry and metal. A good glue, for homecrafting projects or light jewelry repairs.
Plastic Glue
Most people agree that gluing plastic can be a hassle and that broken plastic is notoriously hard to fix. It is important to use the right glue for the type of plastic you are using. Below are some recommended types of glues for use on plastics.

Plastic Models - If you are going to glue models together you have a few choices. You can use a model glue like Testors Brand which will work fine, but can be a little messy at times. The glue tends to get a little stringy when it is drying.  A Plastic Cement like Ambroid Pro Weld works well on plastic model kits (polystyrene) and acrylic sheets (plexiglass) . This type of glue actually fuses the plastic together by slightly melting both sides of the surfaces to form a strong bond.

Waterproof Bonds - For waterproof bonds on plastic you will most likely want to use a Vinyl Adhesive. Vinyl adhesive comes in a tube and when dry looks clear. The bond is flexible and watertight when cured.

Polycarbonates and Acrylics - You will want to use what is known as an Acrylic Solvent on these surfaces. You will want to clamp the surfaces together first, then the solvent is simply injected into the joint with a syringe. For Plexiglass sheets you can also use Plastic Cement, see Plastic Models section above.

3M makes a high performance industrial plastic adhesive for hard-to-hold materials like polypropylene, polyethylene and high-impact polystyrene. The product is called 3M Scotch Weld Plastic Adhesive 4693. It dries clear and works well on plastics.
Glue for Glass
If you are going to use glue on glass surfaces then you will need to use a special type of glue for the job. While I would recommend using a glue that is specifically designed for glass, there are certain brands of super glue that will work as well. A UV bonding glue will work well on glass, if you are gluing glass for a craft project you might want to try a silicone based glue designed for craft projects.

Aquarium Glue
Aquarium glue is great for gluing glass to glass and it creates a watertight surface. Aquarium glues are almost exclusively silicone based. They create a strong, long lasting bond, however they don't dry clear.

E6000 Glue
This glue is popular with jewelers because it can bond glass to other surfaces and it forms a strong, transparent bond. E6000 will not work if you are trying to glue glass to glass, it just isn't designed for that.
Glue Gun
Glue Gun's are useful instruments that allow you to heat up a glue stick and apply a quick, long lasting glue that is excellent for many projects. Glue Gun's are popular with crafters because they can be used on a range of surfaces such as wood, paper, fabric and even some types of metal.

The Glue Gun is kind of a bulky looking plastic object with a trigger that really doesn't look much like an actual gun. A heating element within the instrument heats up and when you feed the glue sticks into the device and pull the trigger, the gun melts the glue and it flows out of the tip.

Glue gun's are relatively inexpensive which is part of the appeal to them. The glue bonds quickly and cools to the touch in a matter of minutes. You should use caution around a glue gun as the glue when first dispensed is quite hot and can burn you. I would not recommend a glue gun for children.

Glue guns usually fall into one of these categories Commercial, Bulk, Cordless, Hobby & Craft, Industrial, Pneumatic and Spray. Knowing what type of glue gun you want to purchase in advance will save you time and hassle later.

3M Glue Gun Brand
3M makes hard working glue guns that are both durable and reliable. They also make glue guns that are designed for industrial purposes, these glue guns have a pneumatic applicator to deliver high volumes of glue quickly. The 3M line of glue guns are sold under the name "Polygun" with many different models to choose from. They start at around $70 and go up to around a $1,000 for the industrial one.

Ad-Tech Glue Gun Brand
Ad-Tech stands for Adhesive Technologies, they make low volume glue guns, that are designed for crafting and hobbyists. The good thing is that they are cheap, start at around $8 and go up to around $30.

Power Adhesives Glue Gun Brand
Another good brand of glue gun, they made a wide variety of glue guns, designed for many different types of uses. All the way from hobby glue guns up to the industrial spray ones. Prices range from around $20 to up over $1,000.

Surebonder Glue Gun Brand
Surebonder is another top-selling brand of glue gun. Surebonder glue guns are reliable, perform well and are easy to use. Sure bonder glue guns starting price of around $30 and range well up to over $500.
Denture Glue
Millions of people wear dentures and it takes dental adhesive (glue) to hold those dentures in place. The last thing you want to worry about is your dentures slipping or worse yet, falling out. Try these trusted denture glue brands for the best possible hold.

Fixodent Denture Glue
Fixodent promises to give you a long, strong hold with no worries. Like their slogan says "It's Fixodent and forget it." Fixodent line of products include Fixodent Neutral, Fixodent Food Seal Plus Scope, Fixodent Food Seal, Fixodent Complete Smoothing Mint, Fixodent Complete Free, Fixodent Complete Fresh Mint, Fixodent Complete Original and Fixodent Extra Hold Power. Which Fixodent product is right for you?

Sea Bond Denture Glue
Looking for an alternative to messy denture cream, then Sea Bond might be for you. Sea Bond uses a denture adhesive wafer to firmly hold your dentures in place. Tight hold, without the ooze. Available in both Original and Fresh Mint.

Super Poligrip Denture Glue
Super Poligrip is zinc free and offers a strong all-day hold. This quality brand promises to let you eat, speak and smile with confidence. Super Poligrip is manufactured by Glaxo Smith Kline, so you can trust that it's safe. - -